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Installation Advice

Shedcraft can offer you excellent garden shed installation advice. The first step is selecting the best shed for your backyard . Your shed will last many years and involve significant expense so it is worth thinking about all the possibilities to make the best decision. We can assist you and have a great range of displays.
The picture below shows some of the options that you can put in your shed…windows, skylights, bike hanging bars, shelves, insulation etc. It is best to organize the options you want at the very start as they can more expensive if added after the initial installation.  The types and position of doors, door access widths x heights etc are crucial to ensure your shed is a success.



Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding your garden shed installion.

  1. Consider how the water will run off the roof of the shed and where it will flow. Skillion roof design directs the water to one side of the shed which maybe advantage to collect with plumbing or to simply fall into your garden. It is important to have a thorough drainage plan to ensure water is not causing a problem for you or your neighbors.
  2. Is your site flat and level? If not it will require some site preparation. This can be quoted when we make a site visit.
  3. Sheds greater than 10 square meters generally require a building permit. We can assist with this.
  4. We require access to your site to deliver materials and possibly concrete or the bobcat. It is worth noting width or height restrictions and distance from the roadway to your site at the quoting stage so we can include the correct labor and equipment.
  5. Sheds can be built close to your boundary (150mm) or over 1.0m from your boundary but not in-between these measurements. There are other limitations regarding height and position in relation to front of property and easements. It is best to collect all information (titles, planned layout, shed size) and discuss with our building surveyor who can advise what is allowable. Special dispensation and consent can be requested to build on easements and boundaries.
  6. All of our steel products have paint systems formulated specifically for the harsh Australian conditions. Beware of cheaper products especially those supplied in boxes which may have paint systems not suitable for Australia.
  7. Think of what you may do in the future. The steel work may need upgrading to add solar panels. We can also use heavier corner posts to allow easy future shed extensions and avoid unnecessary replacement costs. Insulation of the roof and walls is best done at the initial time of your shed installation.

There are so many possibilities that we encourage you table all your ideas and proposed usage of your shed. We then work on getting the best solution for you.

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