ShedCraft Aviaries are proudly made in Australia since 1983

Why choose our bird aviaries?

ShedCraft has an extensive range of bird aviaries and cages to choose from. Whether you’re a serious bird breeder or just want a small bird enclosure to suit your backyard, we have the right product for you.

We offer a range of additional products to complement your aviary. From cleaning trays, bird locks, optional dividers to hinged hatches and safety walkways, all our products can be worked into your design. All our aviaries are designed to offer an abundance of natural light and ventilation, ensuring your birds are comfortable, secure and protected.

All our aviaries are made with the highest quality materials such as a strong welded mesh (12.5 x 12.5 x 1.2 mm), with an option to upgrade to heavy gauge wire (25 x 25 x 2.0 and 2.5 mm) in case you have a particularly strong bird.

The aviaries are supplied as pre-assembled panels that are easy to install. Alternatively if you do require help with installation then we do offer this service. So get started on your next pet project and let us help guide you through the best solution for you and your bird.


  • Skillion Roof Aviary (2.26 x 1.52m Colour)
    $399 (0.78 x 1.52m Zinc)
    Skillion Roof Aviary

    The skillion roof design is our most popular style of aviary. There are a great range of sizes to choose from and the 1.95m high front offers a great viewing platform for your birds. There are also lots of additional extras including bird locks, dividers and converting sections to all wire.

    While the smaller sizes are indeed the most popular for the bird enthusiast, we do regularly make larger skillion aviaries with added walkways and divided areas for the more avid bird breeder. These can be tailored to suit the type of bird that you have. If you are looking for something unique then contact us to see if we can help.

    Product Information


    AVIARY FRONT Lengths from: 0.78m to 5.96m
    AVIARY SIDE | Sides from: 1.52m to 2.26m
    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.95m / 1.80m to 2.25m / 2.10m
  • Flat Roof Aviary (1.52 x 0.78m Colour)
    $325 (0.78 x 0.78m Zinc)
    Flat Roof Aviary

    The flat roof style is a compact aviary that is great for a smaller backyard. It tucks in nicely around the house and is perfect for those families who have children with an interest in birds. The maximum depth of these aviaries is 1.52m and the wall height is 1.8m. You can choose from a broad range of options to improve your bird’s experience including feeding hatches and heavier wire.

    One of our most popular flat roof designs is the junior aviary. This aviary is 0.78m x 0.78m and comes with a removable floor tray for easy cleaning. This product easily tucks under a patio or verandah and will provide an abundance of entertainment for your children.

    Product Information


    AVIARY FRONT Lengths from: 0.78m to 5.96m
    AVIARY SIDE | Sides from: 0.78m to 1.52m
    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.80m to 2.10m
  • Wire In Gable Roof Aviary (1.52 x 3m Colour)
    $745 (1.52 x 1.52m Zinc)
    Wire In Gable Roof Aviary

    This gable aviary design is one of our most attractive products on the marketplace. It provides a brilliant viewing platform to see your birds with wire implemented right to the tip of the gable peak. Sunlight will stream into the aviary although there is some roof overhang at the front which provides some shelter from the elements. There are a huge range of options you can choose from including bird locks, dividers and feeding hatches.

    If you like this aviary style but want to make some modifications to suit your space or needs then call Steel Chief today. We want to ensure we make the aviary that you want. Our aviaries can be tailored to suit the type of bird that you have, with bird proofing possible for smaller species and stronger wire another option for birds such as cockatoos.

    Product Information


    AVIARY FRONT Lengths from: 1.52m to 3.74m
    AVIARY SIDE Sides from: 1.52m to 2.26m
    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.80m to 2.10m
  • Gable Roof Aviary (3 x 3m Colour)
    $599 (1.52 x 1.52m Zinc)
    Gable Roof Aviary

    If you are after a larger aviary then we recommend the gable style, which offers a greater depth than some of our other designs. This type of structure is great if you have a bit more space around the home and want to give your birds more room to spread their wings. The full range of options are available including adding dividers to separate your pets.

    If you want to customise your aviary to include walkways, full wire panels or bird locks or if they need to be designed to suit certain types of birds then we can build it. There are a range of standard sizes to choose from but we can make to specific measurements if required. We want to ensure you get the aviary you want.

    Product Information


    AVIARY FRONT | Lengths from: 1.52m to 5.96m
    AVIARY SIDE | Sides from: 1.52m to 3.00m
    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.80m to 2.10m
  • Hex Roof Aviary
    $639 Zinc
    Hex Roof Aviary

    The hex aviary design is a popular option for bird enthusiasts. You can choose from a single hex design, which is great for those with smaller backyards, or add flight extensions to increase the room for your birds. These flight extensions can be added to either side of the hex. The double hex aviary is also an attractive design if you don’t have any space issues.

    We want to ensure you get the aviary you want. This means there are a great range of options to choose from including feeding hatches, bird locks and dividers. We can also make aviaries to you exact requirements if you have something specific in mind. We are vastly experienced in this area and can provide knowledgeable and friendly advice.

    Product Information


    AVIARY FRONT | Length: 1.545m
    AVIARY SIDE | Side: 1.38m
    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.80m


Mountain Blue
Slate Grey
Heritage Red
Smooth Cream
Caulfield Green
Off White
Mist Green
Jasmin Brown


Bird Lock
$229 (Colour)

Bird Lock

An extra two internal panels to make entry to the aviary secure. Position can be specified to any of the corners. Door positions can also be adjusted. Can be made to suit skillion, gable of flat roof aviaries.

Skillion Roof Chook Shed Gallery 9
From $125


Internal divider shown creates two compartments. The divider comes with a door in the divider or in the aviary front wall. The door can also be in the side wall. In this case, the left side is setup as a fowl house and the right side as an aviary. Dividers are suitable for skillion, gable and flat roof aviaries and fowl houses.

The extra aviary doors are in the front wall. Wire / sheet in the dividers are same as the avairy sides.
From $125

Aviary Divider

There are three aviary dividers shown on the plan sketch. A divider comes with an aviary door either in the divider or the aviary front (or side wall). The wire and sheet in a divider is the same as the aviary side. You can vary wire and sheet combinations.

Welded steel frames. Heavy wire 25 x 25 x 2.5mm welded mesh. This aviary has been powder coated.
From plus 8% of aviary base price

Heavy wire options

Heavy Galvanised Wire available.

In Standard frames 25 x 25 x 2.0mm.

In Welded Steel frames 25 x 25 x 2.5mm.

3.0 X 3.0m Gable Aviary With Hatch 1
In Sheet $65 In Wire $85

Hinged hatch

Small hinged hatch 335 x 350mm high.

Custom sizes are available. We can also build openings to take your feeders etc.

Flat Aviary

Full size aviary door

Full height aviary door.

1890mm high in 1950mm wall height.
1740mm high in 1800mm wall height.

Cage 2
From $55

Wire options

Extra Wire can be added:

Replace sheet with Wire and Dado $65 

Replace sheet with Full wire $99

Replace Wire and Dado sheet with Full Wire $55

Wire roofs etc can be quoted.


For the DIY enthusiast, our aviaries are the easiest and best product on the market. All of our aviaries come in pre-made walls and roofs and you only need to screw together the separate panels using a cordless drill and your aviary will be assembled in no time! Attach your product to the ground immediately to ensure that no wind damage occurs. There are a great range of videos and notes to help guide you through the installation process.

Alternatively, if you require installation to be done for you then contact us and we can arrange it. We provide a range of other services including permit applications, site preparation and concreting.


For maximum wind loading we recommend a flat concrete slab for aviaries that is 100mm thick and has reinforced mesh. A rebated concrete slab will also be suitable. The SteelChief aviaries base is L shaped (BaseSmart) and galvanised which is a great advantage.

Concrete work is not for the inexperienced. We can assist with completing this work for you.

If your site is protected from all winds and you are wanting to install your aviary on natural ground then we recommend that the site be completely flat and level prior to erection. You can use star pickets (450mm or 650mm) around the inside of your aviary. Attach the star picket to the base of the aviary with a sturdy screw.

Typical Installation Cost :

Includes Anchoring

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