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ShedCraft recommends the SteelChief range of garden sheds and products. With its smart designs and high quality materials and workmanship, SteelChief is the best in the market. They have a vast range of sizes and roof styles available. We can provide great storage solutions for your backyard. There is also have a comprehensive range of options such as windows, different door sizes, skylights, shelving, wall heights and much more. We can do everything from small lockers, large workshops or single garages, roller door storage sheds, or custom designs that will fit into any challenging space.

If you are looking for added strength, you have the option to build in corrugated steel sheeting, or add a fully welded internal steel frame into the shed. This option is great for exposed areas or for those customers who are wanting better security. The steel framed shed is popular as it can easily be internally lined.

Our sheds are the easiest to install. It is simply a matter of screwing the panels together and fixing the shed to the ground. Don’t be misled by other products that come in a cardboard box. These sheds can be difficult to install, have an early corrosion around the base of shed, and have very limited options, sizes and colours. Insist on a SteelChief shed if you are the home DIY person. Check out our installation videos as proof.

Alternatively, we offer installation, concreting and site preparation services in a range of areas including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. Contact us for a quote or to arrange a site visit free of charge.

SteelChief garden sheds are built with BaseSmart.

Steel Framed shed does not need BaseSmart. Base flushes clean with each rainfall.




  • Gable Roof
    Gable Roof Garden Shed

    The gable roof style is the quintessential backyard storage shed. It remains our most popular product and is a great-looking, practical storage solution. There are a range of standard sizes to choose from but we can also design a shed to suit your requirements. If you need a shed to fit into a tight or odd-shaped area, then we are here to help.

    In the base model, a single door comes standard in the front of the shed. You can upgrade this to a double door, sliding door or a door in the gable end. There are a great range of other options to choose from including additional wall height, windows and skylights.

    Visit our updated website for latest details and configuration options for Gable Roof Sheds.

    Product Information

    SHED FRONT | Lengths from: 1.58m to 7.74m

    SHED SIDE | Sides from: 1.58m to 3.89m

    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height from 1.8m to 2.40m

  • Heritage Roof
    Heritage Roof Garden Shed

    The heritage-style garden shed is perfect for those who prefer a more classic look but still want the practicality of a storage shed. With a steeper pitched roof and the option to add finials, this shed has an old-world charm. While these sheds can certainly be utilised to store garden equipment and tools, many customers chose this option for an interesting architectural addition to their backyard.

    The standard wall height of the shed is 1.95m, which offers more height than the standard gable shed. There are a large range of options available to choose from including windows, skylights and lockable handles.

    Visit our updated website for latest details and configuration options for Heritage Roof Sheds.

    Product Information

    SHED FRONT | Lengths from: 1.58m to 7.74m

    SHED SIDE | Sides from: 1.58m to 2.35m

    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height 1.95m

  • Flat Roof
    Flat Roof Garden Shed

    The flat roof shed is the perfect storage locker. With a maximum depth of only 1.52m, customers are choosing to tuck this shed underneath a verandah or down the side of a house. If you require a shed to fit into a tight spot or underneath a window, then we are able to customise the shed to suit your requirements.

    The most popular option is a 3m wide shed with a set of double doors that allows for easy access. A set of shelves can also be introduced providing great storage space for garden tools and equipment. Add a wooden floor to lift items off the ground protecting your outdoor products.

    Visit our updated website for latest details and configuration options for Flat Roof Sheds.

    Product Information

    SHED FRONT | Lengths from: 0.81m to 7.74m

    SHED SIDE | Sides from: 0.81m to 1.58m

    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height from 1.80m to 2.40m

  • Skillion Roof
    Skillion Roof Garden Shed

    Our skillion roof garden sheds have recently grown in popularity as more customers look to maximise storage options in their backyard. These are great sheds to store a number of backyard products such as a lawnmower, deck chairs and garden equipment. Add a set of shelves to lift chemicals and other items off the ground. If you want to install the shed up against an existing wall, you can choose to have the roof sloping towards the front.

    With the average backyard size decreasing, more and more customers are looking to maximise storage space around the home. If you have a narrow space down the side of your house then consider a skillion shed. We have a range of standard size sheds but we can also customise the size to fit any space.

    Visit our updated website for latest details and configuration options for Skillion Roof Sheds.

    Product Information

    SHED FRONT | Lengths from: 0.81m to 7.74m

    SHED SIDE | Sides from: 0.81m to 2.35m

    WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Heights from 1.95m to 2.40m


Slate Grey
Smooth Cream
Off White
Mist Green
Shale Grey


Shovel Rack

Shovel/Broom Rack

Shovel or broom rack. Hooks over wall. Very handy to organise your tools.

Gable Roof Steel Frame Corrugated Gallery 2

Upgrade to Corrugated Sheet

Upgrade to heavy gauge 0.47mm corrugated sheet. Captures the favourite Australian shed look. Stronger and more colours available (24). See brochure for pricing or add this option to your online garden shed design and cost.

SteelChief Garage WithRearCladding01d

Upgrade to Steel Framed Garden Shed

Upgrade to fully welded internal steel frame. 25 x 25mm Galvanised. Suitable for windy sites and serious workshops. Easily lined internally. Insulation options available. Up to 4.48m Gable depth makes it ideal for trailer, boat or car storage. Supplied as pre-assembled panels!!

Blog 2

Extra Wall Height

Extra wall height +150mm, +300, +600mm available.

Bike Bar And Hook

Bike Bar & Optional Hooks

Works best with 1950mm wall height. Hang bikes easily on hook to keep them organised and safe.

Internal Sky, Window, Shelves, Bikes, Shovel Rack


Fibreglass skylight. Lets in lots of natural light. Multiple skys are available. Best if positioned between two steel sheets for strength.

Tee Handle

Tee Handle

Lockable Tee Handle supplied with two keys.

Skillion, 2.26 X 1.52 Birch, 0.965 Door, Shelves

Extra Wide Door

There are a number of options for wider doors. This one is 0.965m wide.

Double Doors

Double Doors

Slightly more expensive in gable or skillion ends. Opening size 1.55m wide.

Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

Quality sliding door (external). Ball bearing quad wheels, extruded aluminium track. Great for narrow aisle.

Concrete Fixing Kit

Concrete Fixing Kit

8 galvanised angles and 8 concrete anchors supplied per kit. Suits up to 3.74m long sheds. Require 6.5mm masonry bit to drill into concrete. 

Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage doors are constructed with steel frame door and opening as standard. 2.415m opening.

Internal Sky, Window, Shelves, Bikes, Shovel Rack


Showing three arm x 1.45m steel shelves. Other sizes available plus Mezzanine shelves which span across the gable and skillion ends. 

Louvre Window

Louvre Window

Glass louvre window. 5 blades. 715 x 510mm

Sliding Window

Sliding Window

Coloured aluminium sliding window. 900 x 900mm


For the DIY enthusiast, our sheds are the easiest and best product on the market. All of our sheds come in pre-made walls and roofs, so you only need to screw together the separate panels using a cordless drill and your shed will be assembled in no time! Be sure to attach your product to the ground immediately to ensure that no wind damage occurs. There are a great range of videos and notes to help guide you through the installation process.

Alternatively, if you require installation to be done for you then contact us today. We provide a range of other services including permit applications, site preparation and concreting.


Most people either have an existing concrete slab or are wanting to lay a new slab for their shed. If you are considering the latter option and want it done for you then we can help. We recommend a rebated concrete slab (see in the picture above) to minimise the amount of water ingress around the base of the shed.

ShedCraft lays the slab the same day that the shed is installed, leaving you with a superior and better finished product. The slab is 100mm thick and has reinforced mesh within it to maximise strength. Alternatively a flat concrete slab is also a good option. We recommend the slab is 100mm bigger than the dimensions of the shed.If you are not wanting to lay a concrete slab but still want to maximise water tightness around the base of the shed, then we recommend a wooden floor. Wooden floors are a simple and effective way to lift the shed off the ground, however they are not suitable for cases where a permit is required.


A permit may be required for your shed depending on your location.

  • If you are in Victoria a shed that is 10 square metres or over requires a permit
  • If you are in New South Wales a shed that is 20 square metres or over requires a permit
  • If you are in South Australia a shed that is 15 square metres or over requires a permit

If you require assistance in applying or obtaining a permit then please contact us today.


There are a wide range of applications and uses for our sheds, including:

  • bike storage
  • pool shed
  • workshop
  • chemical storage
  • pump shed
  • toilet room

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