Specialist Teams to Complete your Project

The Shedcraft team can complete your shed project from initial design, engineering, permits, site preparation, concreting and final installation.

We have specialist teams that are well trained and equipped. We prefer to do the whole job for you to ensure that your project is completed on time and to the best of standards. Our service can include gaining permits and working through any council requests. We can advise on easements, set backs etc.

Shedcraft offers after sale service such as extensions to existing garden sheds or repairs and additions including windows or extra doors.

We are also able to include other works on your site such as paving or excavation. This is usually most economical to complete when we have our equipment already on your property.

If you want to do the project yourself we can offer you comprehensive advice (and any assistance if necessary).
Shedcraft is pleased to take on any special requirements to customize your shed. Please discuss this with our team. Customized sheds could be odd shapes, triangular, trapezoid, different finishes inside and out.
We would be very pleased to discuss your project with you at our display office or on your property.



ShedCraft has been selling sheds in Sydney and Melbourne for over 25 years.

We proudly sell SteelChief brand sheds.