Gable Roof Kennels

Gable Roof Kennels

Safe, long lasting enclosures with excellent accommodation!

Made from high quality materials selected and treated to ensure a safe, comfortable and long
lasting enclosure for your pet. The roof is supplied hinged to allow easy access to the inside,
and overhangs the front to provide maximum protection.


0.74m x 0.49m Gable x 670mm high wall height 440mm.
Treated Pine $315

0.94m x 0.64m Gable x 840mm high wall height 580mm.
Treated Pine $369

1.04m x 0.84m Gable x 1030mm high wall height 720mm.
Treated Pine $409

1.34m x 0.94m Gable x 1220mm high wall height 860mm.
Treated Pine $459


Optional Extras

Timber staining: $59 per kennel
Installation: $80

Medium Wooden Kennel

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