Shedcraft has a huge range of aviaries that we can deliver and install across Melbourne. There is a different design to suit all spaces and customer requirements. Our products range from the Junior Aviary right through to large custom designed aviaries that suit the most serious bird lover! The very popular skillion or gable roof aviary designs will easily fit in a small backyard. The Hex aviary is a unique design and shape which can also be joined with flight areas to make a very handsome display for your birds. We can custom design our aviaries to your exact needs. Options include extra wire in the walls or roof, heavy wire that will suit larger birds such as cockatoo’s, dividers to separate different birds and walkways where you can view your prized birds while at the same time providing additional security.

As our aviaries are supplied as pre-assembled panels, they can be easily extended in the future. Panel form also ensures installation is so easy. Simply screw the panels together before attaching your aviary to the ground. Installation videos are available on the SteelChief website. The site for your aviary should be level and you should plan for a firm attachment to the ground. If you require any assistance with this please call the office and we can discuss site preparation and installation options with you.

Other popular aviary options are wire in the roof, addition of flight areas in the front of the aviary, bird locks and hatches for feeding. Trays at the bottom of the aviary can be added on the smaller models. We can remove wire in the side of aviaries and replace with sheet for added bird protection from the elements or predators.

To view the range of aviaries and sizes available click on the design you require below or alternatively download our brochure. For pricing please contact us.

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