Shedcraft is an independent distributor of Ranbuild commercial sheds. Ranbuild has been a leader in developing dependable designs that offer versatility and great value for money!! The range is enormous and special designs can be produced for your exact requirements. Designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions. The commercial sheds are localy made by Bluescope ensuring you get the best outcome for your project. Their Colorbond Steel Sheeting is well known throughout the Australian market. We can engineer varitions to standard designs and produce custom plans for whatever your requirements are. Shedcraft has their own engineers who can produce designs to meet your custom needs.

Please contact our office and discuss your details. We can produce budget costs almost immediately. Then if required visit your site to tease out all the details. Bring as much information as possible. Such as overall dimensions, any special needs such as floor loadings and property titles. Planned use of the shed and your own ideas or specifications should also be discussed. The access to the site may also influence costs. Commercial sheds can vary in desgn to suit your site or a particular requirement. Considering whether a future expansion is possible may influence steelwork design. There is no problem producing a series of quotes to tease out the best options.

If you choose Shedcraft to manage the whole project we have experienced teams. They will carryout the site preparation, concreting and installation. We are able to modify existing sheds. Shed extensions are also available. Insurance work or demolitions are also available. We can provide quotations to your insurer.

Shedcraft can also supply the sheds as kits. We would then in this case offer you our full assistance drawing on our 25 ++ years of experience.
Please contact our office to commence a quotation for your commerical sheds options.

Download our brochure here – for pricing please contact us.


ShedCraft has been selling sheds in Sydney and Melbourne for over 25 years.

We proudly sell SteelChief brand sheds.