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Rural Sheds Melbourne

Shedcraft has a huge range of rural sheds Melbourne. We have horse shelters, barns, machinery sheds, hay sheds and general garages and workshops. All galvanised frames, Bluescope Steel and well proven designs. We can offer installation advice for the DIY customer, permit assistance and also complete the whole project if required. We are able to supply solutions to you that will fit with your requirements such as dealing with sloping ground, high wind loads or gaining permits. The Ranbuild range of equine products are well proven and are flexible in their design possabilities. Checkout the brochure below for more technical information.

Please discuss your requirements with us and we can create an initial quotation almost immediately. A site visit may be necessary to finalise the details and costings. Our rural sheds melbourne are designed and made in Australia making them a sensible long term investment. There are no cutting corners!! ColorBond Steel by Bluescope!!

Shedcraft has experienced installation teams who can complete your project including site preparation, installation and concreting. Sheds can be installed with a concrete slab or pier foundations. We prefer to do our concrete work aas this helps ensure your project is on good foundations. We can work in with your team if you have local experienced tradesmen available.

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Download our equine brochure here and our rural brochure here  – for pricing please contact us.

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We are proud stockists of:

SteelChief Ranbuild

Custom Shed Designs

Shedcraft can design a shed to fit whatever your situation. We have lots of ideas and experience to find a solution for you.


Full Installation Service

The Shedcraft team can complete your shed project from initial design, engineering, permits, site preparation, concreting and finally installation. We have small shed and big shed specialist teams that ensure timely and high quality work.


SteelChief (brochures are priced including installation, concreting, options etc..)

Garden Sheds, Aviaries, Fowl Houses, Pet Enclosures, Timber Sheds, Above Car Storage Lockers: Download Brochure

Cubbies and Forts: Download Brochure

Ranbuild (technical information and product examples)

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