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Shedcraft has a large range of small sheds manufactured locally in Ballarat by SteelChief. These sheds are the highest quality specifically designed for Australian conditions. There are many options including additional wall heights, windows, skylights, bike hanging bars, shelving, wider doors, wooden floors etc.
Shedcraft also offers installation and concreting services. We can visit your property and quote site preparation if necessary or discuss the various possibilities to make your shed a success. Sheds can be custom designed to fit any space.
Our range includes Aviaries, Fowl Houses, Pet Enclosure, Cubbies and Forts, Timber Sheds, Roller Door Sheds, Above Car Storage Lockers, Storage Lockers, Pool Sheds, Bay Boxes, Wood Sheds,  ………..on and on….only limited by our imagination!!!

  • We can do your whole project from design to permits to concreting and installation. We can offer a fully rebated concrete slab which improves water tightness of your shed.
  • The only shed with Basesmart (patent pending) eliminating unsightly trapped debris and premature corrosion.
  • Higher Wind Loading
  • Fantastic range of sheds and options….a can do attitude…..you can have your shed your way!!!

Visit our showroom to see many displays and options. We can quote on the spot or arrange a site visit. Download a SteelChief brochure which has lots of information including installation and concreting prices. Alternatively visit SteelChief’s website where you can design and quote your shed exactly as you wish online!!

ShedCraft has been selling sheds in Sydney and Melbourne for over 25 years.

We proudly sell SteelChief brand sheds.