Purchasing the garden shed isn’t the only thing to consider

There are lots of things to take into account and we encourage you table all your ideas and proposed usage of the shed. We’ll then work on getting the best solution for you.

Water Flow

Consider how the water will run off the roof of the shed and where it will flow. Skillion roof design directs the water to one side of the shed which maybe advantage to collect with plumbing or to simply fall into your garden. It is important to have a thorough drainage plan to ensure water is not causing a problem for you or your neighbors.


Is your site flat and level? If not it will require some site preparation. This can be quoted when we make a site visit.

Building Permit

Sheds greater than 10 square meters in Victoria ( 20 square meters NSW and 15 square meters SA)  generally require a building permit. We can assist with this. Your local council can also advise the permit requirements.

Site Access

We require access to your site to deliver materials and possibly concrete. It is worth noting width or height restrictions and distance from the roadway to your site at the quoting stage so we can include the correct labor and equipment.

Property Boundaries

Sheds can be built close to your boundary generally up to 150mm or over 1.0m from your boundary but not in-between these measurements. There are other limitations regarding height and position in relation to front of property and easements. Your council or local building surveyor can advise.

If you need building permit it is best to collect all information ie. title, planned layout (draw a site map with dimensions), shed size and discuss with our team who can advise what is allowable. Special dispensation and consent can be requested to build on easements and boundaries.

Avoid cheap alternatives

All of our steel products have paint systems formulated specifically for the harsh Australian conditions. Beware of cheaper products especially those supplied in boxes which may have paint systems not suitable for Australia. These garden sheds have U channels which will collect debris, void your warranty (if there is one) and corrode after a short time. A garden shed should last many years. You will SteelChief sheds in great shape after 20 plus years.

Buying a garden shed in a box limits your options ie take it or leave it. SteelChief products are locally made so can be built to your exact requirements. There is a large range of useful options, custom sizes and shapes plus we can do the whole project for you including concrete and site preparation. It is notoriously hard to find someone to install a box shed they will charge a bomb because it is so difficult. Steel Chief sheds are supplied as pre-assembled panels the easy DIY garden shed (aviary and cubby).

ShedCraft has been selling sheds in Sydney and Melbourne for over 25 years.

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